Introducing LUDLOW

February 25, 2014



Flashing back to the Fall of 2011 when Waterworks launched their Studio line the excitement of this evolutionary brand within a brand is still so fresh. The mission for Studio was clear. Straightforward sensibility throughout...fittings, textiles, accessories and surfaces all curated to easily and stylishly assemble the perfect bath. They removed the guesswork and inserted beautiful options from modern to traditional.



Here we are in 2014 and we could not be any more thrilled about the latest addition to the Studio collection. LUDLOW. Drawing from the motto of Bauhas “less is more” let’s just say...they nailed it. Ludlow is industrial. Ludlow is perfectly proportioned. Ludlow is historical. We love it. All of it. The nineteenth century bank and time lock images from “American Genius” provided visual ques and from there Waterworks tirelessly added in their design, craftsmanship and exceptional manufacturing to cultivate this product.     Ludlow marks the fifth complete family of fittings and accessories in the Studio line all complimented by a neutral palette of tile and stone options. As with any Waterworks bath it is not complete until towels and freestanding accessories provide you with the ultimate finishing touches.


LUDLOW is in stock...ready to ship, ready to install, ready to be yours.



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